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Telephone Meetings
Sober Voices Group

(712) 432.0075

pass code 654443#
Please note: this may be a toll call!
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
12:00 noon*
10:00 BB
12:00 noon*
10:00 B
12:00 noon*
10:00 #
12:00 noon*
10:00 BB
12:00 noon*
10:00 ¥
12:00 noon*
10:00 §
12:00 mid*
12:00 noon*
10:00 pm ¤
12:00 mid*
Remarks: * AA Topic Discussion; # Vision for You; ¥ 12x12; § Promises; ¤ Daily Reflections;
All times are EST
UpDtd: 01/14

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