Nassau InterGroup's
Group Forms

These are the forms that Nassau InterGroup uses to keep
the Meeting List and the Night Books
accurate and current.
They are not interactive.
Please download a copy, fill out and return to the office.
The Meeting List Change is now interactive,
complete the form,download
and email a copy to

12th Step List Meeting List Changes Group Officers
12th Step List

12th Step List PDF File
Meeting List Change Form

Meeting List Change PDF File
Group Officers Form

Group Officers Form PDF File
Night Book Contact List
Night Book Contact List

Night Book Contact List PDF File
Suggested Group Contributions Pie Chart
Contributions Pie Chart

Night Book Contact List PDF File

To download a copy of one of these forms
as a PDF file:
right–click the icon, choose "save target as" from the menu, and save to your desktop,
then double-click on the PDF file to open it.
In order to view and print this document,
please visit the following link to download the
free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader.